Congratulations to Mokena's Got Talent 2018 Winners- Mackenzie "KB" Bacha and Lexi Gilboe!!

It was NOT an easy final round as EVERYONE that participated was outstanding!! When both the audience and judges votes were tallied up, Mackenzie and Lexi were the 2 Winners of 2018's Mokena's Got Talent!! Once again- congratulations to both of you - you're living proof that real talent is alive and well!! 

"GREAT JOB" to EVERY finalist that participated in "Mokena's Got Talent" 2018 - Mackenzie "KB" Bacha, Brianna Brusokas, Addy Cuthbertson, Ginny Frank, May Frank, Lexi Gilboe & Ashley Regan - ALL of you should be beyond proud- we certainly are! It's not easy to get up in front of an audience and show the World what you've got- and all of you did just that- and did it exceptionally well!! So- again- "Congratulations" to ALL of you! You have definitely proven that "Mokena's Got Talent"!!