Wizard of Oz Ticket Order Form

Download the Oz Ticket Order Form Below. Print out and bring the form with you to purchase tickets at AAMCT  19108 Wolf Rd., Mokena, IL 60448. You can also mail in the form. Tickets are  $14 for Adults, $13 for Seniors & Kids 12 and under. All shows will be at Lincolnway Central High School's Fine Arts Center in New Lenox. There will be 4 shows:
Friday, April 6th @ 7:30pm - CAST A
Saturday, April 7th @ 2:00pm - CAST A
Saturday, April 7th @ 7:30pm - CAST B
Sunday, April 8th @ 1:00pm - CAST B 

Oz Ticket Order Form (pdf)


Wizard of Oz Rehearsal Calendar & Information

Thank you for auditioning for AAMCT's "The Wizard of Oz". We are very proud of everyone who auditioned.  There were a lot of extremely talented students with an abundance of performance experience and it was very difficult to select the Cast.  If you didn't get exactly the part you wanted, we encourage you to do your best in the part you received. If you didn't make the Cast this time, we would love to see you again for a future show. Every show you are in makes you a stronger performer and there is something to learn from each and every performance experience. We are looking forward to an amazing show!  

Volunteer Info ~ As with any organization of this size all parents are required to volunteer.  A minimum of 5 hours per child is required or if it is more convenient you can pay the $50 buyout fee.  PLEASE NOTE:  We are still operating on the honor system and do not require the volunteer fee in advance like many other organizations.  However if you have not fulfilled your volunteer time from a previous play the full or partial buyout fee is due at audition sign-up. Please inquire if you are unsure as we keep a running list.

Assistance ~ We do not want to exclude anyone based on financial need.  Time payment options are available; please email allaboutmusicmokena@yahoo.com for more information in advance of your audition.    All financial arrangements must be made prior to auditions and fulfilled at least 3 weeks before the shows performances. There must be a down payment of some type made at the parent meeting. It is unfortunate we have had to add additional stipulations but it is more important to spend time working with the kids then asking for payments that have been agreed to in advance.


Rehearsals, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY as there are some changes here from past productions. Rehearsals are on Saturday, Thursday and Monday.  Everyone will have rehearsals on most Saturdays starting January 20th from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, at St. John's Community Center. A lot of these rehearsals will be broken up into morning and afternoon depending on the number of students that are chosen for the cast.  But everyone will rehearse in the morning.  Everyone will also have some Thursday evening rehearsals from 6:00 to 8:00pm, at St. John's in Fellowship Hall. These will be divided by dance number so it's not every Thursday for everyone. 

All solo singing and speaking parts will also rehearse on some Monday evenings from 6:00 -8:00 pm at All About Music, this is also broken up by scene and song. In general the larger the role, the more rehearsal time is required, but everyone will rehearse on Saturday mornings.  There will also be two Sunday rehearsals and the dates will be available shortly.

Tech Week dates are Mon., Tues., Wed., Thur., April 2nd - 5th  from approximately 4:00 to 9:00pm  Attendance is mandatory if you cannot be at tech week you cannot be in the show.  If we have two casts the rehearsals will be split and each cast has two rehearsals.

The quality of the production depends on the cast as a whole, attendance is extremely important, students missing 2 unexcused rehearsals may have their parts reassigned or be removed from part or all of the show.  Just like any sport, the cast is a team and when members are missing you can't play a good game.  If you miss a rehearsal it is your responsibility to get together with the other cast members to learn what you missed.  

We realize that's a lot of information so please let us know if you have any questions.