Aladdin Cast Party!! December 14, 2019

Cast party is today, Dec.14, from 4:30 - 6:30. Must already be pre registered. Pictures coming soon!



Congratulations to the entire Cast and Crew of All About Music & Children's Theatre's "Aladdin"! We are super proud of all of you, and once again, you have proven that talent is alive and well with the young! Thank you so much to each and every parent and volunteer that helped out with loading in and loading out this weekend. All Stage Crew, Tech, Dressers, Painters, Set Builders/Designers, all Ushers, and everyone selling tickets, raffles, etc. Thanks to all of our great sponsors and everyone that donated to our raffle baskets, EVERYONE that helped with this Production in ANY way!! So many of you "moved in" with us, and were around 24/7, going way above and beyond. We can never thank you enough for being there throughout the entire week. You all are the best! Your hard work, help and generosity never goes unnoticed and we could never do this without all of you! It was so great to see the AAMCT Family in full force this weekend! Many past alumni and their families came home from college, etc. to be at the shows and show their support. It's truly amazing when we see someone return, to watch current performers doing what they did at that age. That really hits home for us. It is an amazing thing to stop and think about what the AAMCT Family has grown into and become, and how it continues to grow. There were so many new performers in this show too, which we are looking forward to sharing many great years with! As we always like to say: We don't need to be rich doing this. As long as we can keep the doors open and the lights on, then that's good enough for us. When it's time to leave this world, no one will remember how much money you had in your bank account, how big your house was or how fancy your car is. But they will remember that they always had a place where they felt great about just being themselves. And we take great pride in the fact that that is what The AAMCT Family and AAMCT stand for. So once again - CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you - Cast and Crew of AAMCT's "Aladdin." We love you all and it means so much to us that you are on board with us too! We'll be posting tons of pics so please keep posting yours too, as we love seeing all of them!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Beauty and the Beast auditions on January 11th! Save the date and spread the word!! Much love to all of you! Connie and Todd